Ellamah | Studio

Ellamah is me, or more accurately, my middle name and I provide custom, nature-inspired floral arrangements for weddings and events, intimate or large. My design approach is simple. I like my flowers loose, textural and with some movement. Inspired by stories, backgrounds, and most importantly seasons, I believe that flowers can set a mood, create an environment and most importantly connect to a memory.


Clients | services

We provide full service floral design for weddings, events, and photo shoots. A la carte options are offered with limited availability. Our process begins with a consultation (in person or electronically) to learn more about you and the details of your event. To begin our chat, please drop me a note!

Pricing. Since no two events are ever the same, please inquire for details.

We are based in Los Angeles but will travel wherever flowers will take us.


Psst. Not the same garland as above...

Psst. Not the same garland as above...


Jessica De Corse | designer

My name is Jessica, a born and bred Northern Californian currently residing in Los Angeles with my husband. It was in the Bay Area at my grandparents' home where I spent days in their rose and camellia bushes, fruit trees, and some times in my Grandmother's ferns where my appreciation for flowers was sowed. Later, in college and a little homesick, my then-boyfriend-now-husband brought me the flower mart where my love for flowers bloomed.

When I am not knee deep in blooms, I like chill mornings, traveling, and cocktail hour.